Bank of Ireland

We worked with Bank of Ireland for almost 3 years as part of the Group Web Services (GWS) team. We helped build, deliver and maintain a number of the Bank of Ireland sites including, and

Corporate Banking

The focus on the Corporate Banking website was to build a new fully responsive website providing resources and up to date information for Bank or Ireland’s corporate clients. The features of this website include:

  • Provide relevant and up to date financial news content regularly
  • Provide relevant and up to date foreign direct investment news content regularly
  • Provide relevant and up to date stock market Fx rates, equities rates, commodities rates, interest rates widgets and more
  • Show relevant Bank of Ireland team members with contact details across relevant areas of the site
  • Highlight the Products & Services within Corporate Banking
  • Highlight Foreign Direct Investment within Corporate Banking
Personal Banking

Our main focus initially on the Bank of Ireland Personal Banking site was to provide customers with relevant information and tools on Mortgages and Pensions. Following successful delivery of both these features we moved our focus to other areas of the site. Some of the features of this site we worked on include:

  • Mortgage calculators for all types of mortgages E.G first time buyer, mover, switcher, investor, new build
  • Provide mortgage articles related to the mortgage types
  • Provide relevant and up to date mortgage rates
  • Pension calculator
  • Provide pension articles related to birth decade and employment status