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Powwow Technologies have been working with Independent News & Media since early 2017. If you see a car dealership in Ireland, the chances are that Cars Ireland are running their car dealer website on the platform. Cars Ireland operate 900+ car dealer websites around the country. They are the country’s primary provider of second-hand car dealer websites. As an enterprise software client, Cars Ireland needed a set of components/online tools that allowed dealerships to offer customers searchable information on available cars and supporting services.

Pairing APIs with powerful search tools

Powwow Technologies have created a library of over 35 custom UI components operating within a central system to service every Cars Ireland dealership website. Our custom components allow users to search and display information on new and second-hand cars by calling centrally operated APIs. Our UX includes a clean universal design, which takes direction from Google material design. And, since it’s centrally managed, it’s easier to update with new features and maintain consistency across all 900+ sites.

Some of the ui components and tools include:

  • Basic and advanced car search tools
  • Detailed car search results
  • Full car details page widgets
  • Featured Cars widget
  • Location widget
  • Contact widget
  • Finance Calculator Widget
  • GDPR compliant forms
  • Group dealer search tools
  • Social media tools

Continuous automation testing delivers consistent results

Our component library needed to easily plug into multiple dealer websites and support regular updates and testing across all sites. We have also been working on an automation testing framework to ensure quality performance across many sites and in multiple resolutions before each release. This way, we provide regular upgrades and improvements without affecting existing functionality.

Scalable Enterprise Software Meeting the Highest Quality Standards

We’re experts in building stable and secure enterprise software solutions. At Powwow, we understand the unique needs of scalable, centrally managed applications. Our business-oriented Enterprise Application Software (EAS) meets the most rigorous security and stability requirements, and we pride ourselves on delivering projects on-time and within budget. Our enterprise clients look to Powwow Technologies to execute robust business tools that meet precise design and technical specifications.

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