There are numerous ways to build a software platform. More often than not solutions are developed using a mix of technologies that do not always come together to offer the best solution. A complex configuration also extends deadlines and creates friction within teams. This can be particularly stressful for non-technical entrepreneurs and non-technical enterprises. Powwow Technologies understands this, and now offers full stack solutions via Schema Driven Development (SDD) techniques.

How does SDD benefit our Enterprise Clients?

Schema Driven Development (SDD) solutions allow our development teams to build more robust, scalable and faster purpose built applications which in turn provides optimal business focused bespoke solutions for our clients. Here are just some of the solutions offered by SDD applications where traditional web applications  can fall short.

Rapid Prototyping

Schema Driven Development facilitates rapid prototyping in minutes and hours, not days. Applications are easy to prototype and test quickly ensuring we eliminate unnecessary workload and focus on what matters so we deliver purpose built solutions to our clients as and when they need them.

Future Proofing

Future proofing is a major concern in the modern world, solutions have to be developed rapidly so it is important for systems and applications to be  reliable and flexible. Our Schema-driven solutions fundamentally adhere to standards such as JSON Schema which natively support complex growing schemas to allow the applications to grow more rapidly and more predictably.

One Source of Truth

A single source of truth is a sought after strategy in software applications. Similar business logic can often live in 2 separate areas of your web application – Front-end (Javascript, HTML, CSS) and Back-end (Java, PHP, C#, Python etc). With schema-driven development  the business logic is generally written once in the backend and transferred to the frontend via the schema API. 

Cost effective

At Powwow Technologies we see that our Schema-driven development approach consistently delivers highly scalable and cost effective purpose built solutions to our clients. The more traditional route can be far more expensive and time consuming and can be a challenge to extend and maintain. 

Shorter Testing Cycles

Traditional manual testing requires testers to go through all workflows, fields, positive and negative scenarios and compile reports on their findings. A self-regulating JSON validator based on the JSON Schema validates the schema much faster and much more efficiently than manually validating.

Following successful schema validation automated tests can be written to match the formats of the agreed solution schemas. The automated testing framework doesn’t need to understand or know anything about the application operations, it simply needs to recognise a good schema over a bad schema and report the findings. 

A Powerful Schema-driven Development Solution

Our Schema-driven development approach has also led us to developing a solution where non-technical business owners can become the creators of their own powerful ecommerce web applications. uses a Schema-driven development methodology based on the JSON Schema format to convert complex forms into easy to use web apps using simple drag and drop actions eliminating the need for coding. A number of schemas are combined together to allow users to create powerful, fast, complete and unique no-code application solutions to satisfy their end users requirements.

The Powform published Web-App schemas are divided into UI (layout, structure), Meta-Data (business logic, validation, behaviour) and Data (pre-populated, manually entered). Try it today and see for yourself how powerful Schema-driven applications can be.