The Georgian Rooms Group

The Georgian Rooms is managed by a team of heritage building enthusiasts with a keen interest in Georgian Architecture. They own and operate several Georgian guesthouses ideal for short-term rental in Dublin City. To complement online listings on 3rd party sites, including Airbnb and, they requested an interactive website showcasing their high-quality rooms and exceptional style. This site would cultivate brand identity and showcase the rental properties’ unique historical and aesthetic value.

To account for business growth, we made it easy for our client to add on new sites, replicating the same application design and functionality. Currently, there is a primary site and two independent sites with plans for expansion to new rental properties.

The design and development team at Powwow Technologies created a site that displays each room’s details, along with local events and activities. By working with Powwow Technologies, The Georgian Rooms received an efficient integration with their booking tool, CloudBeds, and the upmarket feeling they wanted to share with guests.

An accessible CMS with unique design details of a custom-built site

While the site is very responsive to user requests on both mobile and desktop, overall the site is optimised for mobile. 

We built this website on three distinct layers

  • UI layer
  • Admin management layer
  • Powwow application cache layer

The UI layer presents a custom-built user experience facilitating search and display information about the rental properties. Our goal is to convert approved client designs exactly as specified without loss of quality.

Our client also wanted a simple, easy-to-update admin area. Most people can understand WordPress from the admin perspective, but working with themes and templates can limit quality. At Powwow, we build custom plugins and themes for WordPress, which allow the perfect marriage of custom design and CMS flexibility.

We can meet the design specifications of a custom-built site, paired with the ease of use and accessibility of WordPress. We offer the best of both worlds—on time and within budget.

Reducing database queries and increasing site speed with data caching

In between the front end user layer and backend admin layer, we built a serialised data caching layer which ensures minimal server processing to ensure the site responds quickly to the user actions. As a result, the site doesn’t make database requests when the user is on the application speeding up interactions.

From a technical perspective, the site’s admin area is on WordPress, with an independent domain layer that supports the cache and manages assets, like images and room details for the site.

Checkout each of Georgian Rooms sites for yourself!

  • The Georgian Rooms

    At The Georgian Rooms, comfort and convenience in beautiful elegant surroundings are our main priority.

  • The Georgian Rooms Howth

    “Enter a world of peace and tranquility with comfort and luxury right on the doorstep of Dublin Bay”

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